If you plan to keep your CFC filled transformers in service Qualortran, Inc. recommends installing the subject kit as soon as possible. The components and sealants included in the kit address the leaks, which can occur over time and are considered preventive maintenance items. The installation of a top condenser purge valve and return port is part of the preventive maintenance procedure and provides a means to remove trapped air from the top of the condenser which improves cooling and helps restore load carrying capacity. Every kit includes items 5 through 9. Briefly:

1. PRD - Pressure Relief Device (Re. leaks on outdoor and coolant conversion units).

2. PRDG - PRD mounting gasket (Re. leaks on outdoor units and conversion units).

3. PRDS - Sealant for redundant seal of PRD (Re. leaks on outdoor and conversion units).

4. PS - Stainless steel diaphragm for Pressure Switch (Re. cracking).

5. PVG - Pressure Gage, SS bushed rotary movement (Re. pointer sticks).

6. PSS - Sealant for Pressure Switch and Pressure Vacuum Gage (Re. leaks).

7. SA - Sealant accelerator (Re. leaks).

8. TPV - Top Purge Valve (Re. condenser "air locks" & overheating).

9. PSRP - Purge system return port (Re. closed loop purge system).

10. ???? - Other defective transformer components seals.

As a price adder, the (1) Pressure Relief Device, (2) mounting gasket and (3) sealant are included in kits for transformers that are installed outdoors or units having the dielectric coolant converted from CFC-113 to PF-5060. The (4) pressure switch diaphragm is included in the kit if found cracked during component test. Other seal components found defective during test which are not included in the kit, i.e. - high voltage bushings are a cost adder.

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