To: Owner’s of GE VaporTran Transformers

QualorTran, Inc. is a Service Engineering business focusing on seal repair, preventive maintenance and gas handling for GE VaporTran Transformers which use R-113 as the dielectric coolant. General Electric Company has sold the product service rights and all component parts for these transformers to QualorTran, Inc.

QualorTran, Inc. is a small 4 person company, incorporated in the State of Georgia February 17, 1993. Federal Identification Number: 58-2039550. We are family owned by Ed, Barbara and Bruce Smith. Ken Thomason is our only employee. Contacts for orders and all business information are Ed Smith or Bruce Smith.

Phone: (706) 295-4510; No FAX, please call or email.


We are a small family business with my son Bruce (since 1993) or with Ken Thomason (since 2004) performing all the transformer services. We have never had an accident in the 27+ years we have been in business. I am a retired GE engineer who has been associated with this product from the initial design stage in the mid 1970’s. We review every job package before going on each job, history of past work at this location and safety requirements for the site. All tool boxes and equipment are checked for condition before each job. Safety is our priority.

Transformer Service Specialist Bruce D. Smith will be assigned to lead your service project.

Please email or call if you need service of these very special transformers

Edward C Smith, Principal Technical Consultant

VaporTran is a trademark of GE.