There is no requirement in the U.S.A. to replace your FREON filled transformer. Use and reclamation of this coolant is perfectly acceptable to the U.S. E.P.A.

Qualortran, Inc. has partnered with two certified E.P.A. refrigerant reclaimers to provide a supply of make-up dielectric coolant for the time period you contract with Qualortran, Inc.

QualorTran is a small business that specializes in seal repair, seal component replacement, condenser and forced air upgrades and gas handling for FREON cooled transformers. In the past eight years that our company has been doing business, we have successfully serviced over 700 transformers for some of the top companies in the country. Our client list includes General Motors, Procter and Gamble, Georgia Pacific, Hormel Foods, and Whirlpool Corporation.

We are not in the electrical test / service business and go to market either directly to the transformer owner or as subcontractors to GE, etc. Our strategy is to provide a non-intrusive, value added service that minimizes transformer downtime. 90% of our service is performed with the unit's energized.

There are 2 product lines which required our special service: VaporTran® & Sealed Dry-Type transformers. The first design was manufactured by GE exclusively while the second was manufactured by GE, ITE and Westinghouse. We service all manufacturers and have purchased the complete inventory of parts for both lines from GE.

We also offer a replacement device for the Hot Spot Indicating Relay (Sealed Dry-Type transformers) which has not been available from the GE supplier in 15 years.

• Upgrade transformers with new efficient design Seal and Condenser Kits.

• Provide preventative maintenance service, seal repair and dielectric coolant for GE, Westinghouse and ITE transformers.

• Convert Vaportran® transformers for E.P.A. SNAP approved replacement fluid, PF-5060.

• Convert gas sealed transformers.

• Conduct baseline evaluation of units for system and seal reliability.

• Provide original GE VaporTran® and gas sealed transformers parts and components.

• Dispose of FREON and/or complete transformer when unit is retired.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact us.

P.O. Box 485

Rome, Georgia 30162-0485

706.295.4510 Fax: 706.236.9660


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